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Words of Memory and Magic

Pure and Unedited


Why are we so afraid of the dark? As kids, we fear those dark corners. And sometimes, as we grow into adults, those dark corners

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Let it Go!

Is it really that easy to let go of the past, to release pain? Just let it go, they say.“OK. Sure. I will!” “They” make

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Patience! Be patient!We aren’t all very patient sometimes. That’s one of my challenges. Yes, I say challenges. I hate the word weakness. I guess every

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Cloudy Reflections

I’ve been reflecting on many things… Mostly what’s happening right now. All the changes in my life happening. Right now. Some musings about the future,

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Gratitude for 2020

Good-bye 2020! Everyone happily wants to show 2020 the door. It’s been more than a difficult year. It was the year a pandemic took over

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