Living Fearlessly

Fear. Even saying it aloud can bring on all the negative emotions tied to the word. What about FEARLESS? For me, it evokes strength, bravery, an ability to conquer anything. I feel so empowered when I think or say the word fearless aloud. It makes me feel like nothing can stop me.

Try saying both words aloud. Do you see what I mean? Imagine repeating the word fearless several times a day; Repeating the phrase “I am fearless.”

I came across a quote that I ended up using in my book, written by a man called Evan Sanders of The Better Man Project. I love the way he writes and his words are poetically beautiful and authentic.

she was life itself, wild and free.
wonderfully chaotic, a perfectly
put together mess.

Evan Sanders, The Better Man Project

The words resonated deeply with me and they connected so well to a chapter titled “Fearless.” For me, the words evoke choices made from pure, fearless intuition, even if they may result in messy pain. This is sometimes descriptive of a character in my book, as well as a certain points in my own life.

There is no balanced medium and that’s how I feel. I am wild and free and sometimes inexplicably stuck. There is no in-between for me.

The Midlife Crisis of a Perfect Woman, Bela Gary

Many of us have those moments of being wild and free and making spontaneous intuitive choices. When we stop being trapped in our thoughts about those “decisions” we need to make and simply follow our intuition, our actions are more aligned with our soul. As we get older, we lose a lot of our fearlessness. Maybe we’ve taken risks and the result was disastrous or caused us too much pain. We retreat to safety and fall into a trap of living life within a well-defined comfort zone.

Even with the pain and disaster, those choices we make are necessary to help us grow and evolve. How would we ever learn if everything in life was beautiful and came easily? Yes, not all choices end with “positive” results. However, if you never make those choices, take those risks, those leaps of faith, you will never experience life in its fullness, nor learn the important lessons of what it means to be truly human. Living a life beyond physical desires is really what it means to live fearlessly. Striving to attain money, success, or power is so much easier in many ways than attempting to live a life aligned to soul growth and inner happiness.

We need to wake up from living with our eyes closed in fear. I know it’s difficult. I was asleep for far too long. Eventually, however, I opened my eyes and faced my fears. I learned where they came from and understood what I needed to do to conquer them. I took the leap of faith. I wrote a book, then decided to publish it, despite sometimes feeling overwhelmed by fear of failure or criticism. I am not here to please anyone nor to make a million dollars. I’m here for me. So I say: bring it! I am fearless.

Don’t be afraid if the fear creeps back in and you feel stuck. Our fears are always there. What matters is how you react and deal with the emotions that arise in those fearful moments. Understand the reasons behind your fear and tell it to get the hell out of your way!