Butterflies in the Universe

The Universe is magical and mysterious. Even with all of our scientific knowledge, there is still a lot we don’t know.

Can it all be explained by science? Who is to say that there isn’t a spiritual force at work, light beings outside our own concepts of time and space? We have deep, powerful connections that many are not even aware of; we are intrinsically linked through energy. You can explain it scientifically or spiritually, but we are all connected. The positive and the negative, we influence each other. When a society is in a quagmire of hate, anger, etc. a muddy energy can creep in and begin to encompass everyone. Hopelessness, depression, desperation. And it will keep getting worse, unless light and positivity push it away.

Positive thoughts, actions, and words.

Instead of saying to someone who has wronged you or hurt you “I hate you,” say “I love you.”
Instead of hoarding your emotional and physical wealth, share it openly.
Instead of blaming others for your unhappiness and situation in life, blame no one and find ways to rise up out of the darkness AND help others rise up.
Instead of desiring to receive, desire to give.
Instead of complaining, be grateful for what you have.   

As one soul to another, the power of positivity can make a huge difference.

I don’t care if I’m an idealist. I’m not naïve. I know the reality of this world and the cruelty that exists. But I have hope. I believe in the power to change the course of our future, which right now, looks pretty bleak.

Do you want to be a change-maker? What can you do to change humanity?

You don’t need to be famous or powerful. Like the butterfly effect, the tiny actions of a few can have significant impact as the flutter of energy infuses everything around it, initiating change. We all can be butterflies.