We’re in darkness, trapped in an unkempt garden, surrounded by nothing but pestilent weeds.

There are moments in our lives when terrible things happen and we ask ourselves—why?

We futilely continue tending to our garden, searching for answers deep in the dirt of endless weeds.

Forget the why. It’s not in your control. The only thing you can control is yourself. Control is an illusion.

We want to forget the garden. Close ourselves off, push through the weeds, and escape.

You cannot escape yourself or your fears. You must pull the weeds and get to the root of the problem. You must heal.

This is your journey. You must have the desire and willingness to heal, the courage to face your fears, and the strength to accept your imperfections.

You have the power to heal yourself.


“Hope is what keeps us going. Keeps us moving forward. Without hope…Well, I wasn’t so sure hope even mattered. I hope, I hope, I hope…empty words full of empty promises.”

She looks for him in every man she meets, but none can compare to her former love. Just as she accepts her fate that she will spend the rest of her life alone, she receives life-changing news and devises a plan, setting out on an unexpected quest for the perfect man.

“That moment on the ocean brought back that long-ago dream. She felt powerful and connected to the sea, as each little bit of salty spray splashed on her face, making it tingle, like tiny currents of electricity. Each droplet, filled with stirring energy, tried to seep inside her, under her skin, creating an unbroken path from ocean to body.”

The journey of a woman on an obsessive search for answers after her life is turned upside down by an intense romantic connection. Is he her soulmate?

As she tries to unravel the significance of the mysterious connection, she is suddenly bombarded by strange visions and synchronicities that cannot be explained by science or logic. She plunges deeper into the rabbit hole and finds more than she expected.

Where will it all lead?


The Misadventures of an Imperfect Woman

Author Bela Gary has crafted a tender tale that is both poignant and humorous, capturing the essence of human vulnerability and the quest for happiness. One feature that I was deeply impressed by was the author’s ability to balance the heavier themes of heartbreak and self-discovery with moments of light-heartedness and humor. The reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the protagonist embarks on her quest for love and ultimately finds something even more valuable – self-love and forgiveness. Bela Gary’s storytelling is both relatable and engaging, making it easy to connect with the characters and their experiences. I found myself drawn into the protagonist’s journey more and more as the tale unfolded, empathizing with her highs and lows. Overall, The Misadventures of an Imperfect Woman is a beautiful reminder that our imperfections are what make us human, and our capacity for self-love and forgiveness can lead us to unexpected places of growth and healing. It’s a story of hope and resilience that will resonate with readers who have ever embarked on a quest for love and self-acceptance, and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

The Midlife Crisis of a Perfect Woman

In this age of global crisis, this cynic LOVED this book. Easy to read and takes you away from reality. Yet you actually learn things in the process, including those that made me question my non-spirituality. A great read for the times, I highly recommend this book.
I look forward to more from this first-time author.

Love this book! I could not put it down and I read it in 2 days! This is the kind of book that you want to read more than once. Enjoy the journey!

Enjoyed reading! I appreciate the author’s look at and exploration of human emotions and feelings and her character’s discovery of spirituality. Very interesting and thought-provoking!